Month of Sep 2020: New season, new opportunities to feed your body and mind. The full moon in Pisces on September 1 encourages you to hit the farmer’s market for your fruits and vegetables. They will taste good and you’ll feel great!

Check in with your emotional health when Mercury enters Libra on the fifth. If you feel off-balance, make an appointment to talk to someone.

As your ruling planet Mars goes retrograde on September 9, you’ll notice a spike in your energy. However, slow down and stretch before you work out to decrease the risk of injury. If you continue to move slowly and steadily, you’ll notice the benefits of your workouts when Jupiter turns direct on the twelfth.

Celebrate the new moon in Virgo on September 17 by doing an intense cardio workout. Feel the burn! The sun entering Libra on the twenty-second brings good vibes, but don’t skip your workout because you’re too busy having fun. You can do both. And keep burning energy when Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27. You’re a lean, mean fitness machine, Aries!

Take it slowly when Saturn turns direct on the twenty-eighth. Take a hot bath and massage those sore muscles. You deserve it!

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