Month of Jan 2021: It’s a brand-new year, Aries! However, instead of focusing on your long list of big fitness goals, take it easy. Mars leaves your sign and moves into Taurus on January 6. This could slow down your progress and delay your desired results. Focus more on how your body currently feels. When Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn on the eighth, start changing in your routine, such as going to bed at a decent time, and see if that helps.

As work stress gets the better of you, find new ways to relax when the new moon is in Capricorn on January 13. Staying late at the office isn’t healthy for anyone. As Uranus goes into direct the next day, check in with your emotions. Any feelings you’ve been holding back? Let them out!

Get moving when the sun enters Aquarius on the nineteenth. A wacky new workout is just what you need to keep your blood flowing. On January 28, make another change to your routine when the full moon is in Leo and see if it improves your overall well-being. Try to get rid of one bad habit before Mercury retrogrades on the thirtieth or it could come back to haunt you.

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