Monthly FitnessScope: aries

March 2017
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Sometimes your desire to be healthier and fitter runs away with you. It's hard to stay disciplined and organized when it feels that way, but you can do it. Just put a healthy chunk of enthusiasm into your exercise routine every day. Every single day. Who wakes up, decides to climb Mt. Everest, and then does it the same day? No one. It takes planning, self-discipline, and persistence. You've got this! Get up early on the 1st and lace up those running shoes. Aim high and keep reaching. It's easy to have a smart workout on the 5th. How about a low-stress day hike? Starting on the 13th, you could think more about being active, but the world may not cooperate. Stick to your intentions and do the best you can. Sometimes you can't do everything you want. It's okay. The 20th is the first day of spring. Celebrate with some fresh air and time out in the sunshine. Move more, be more active, sit less, and grow healthier. The 27th, 28th, and 29th are your days to fire the afterburners and make great progress. It can be more steps or a bit longer on the elliptical. Then soak, smile, and be satisfied!

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