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Month of Feb 2020: February may be the shortest month of the year, but you have a long list of excuses as to why you’re not going to the gym. It’s snowing out, you forgot your sneakers, Mercury enters Pisces on February 3. All valid reasons, but you still need to go to work out.

Practice some self-care with a nice massage when Venus enters your sign on the seventh. Focus on small steps to take care of your body before you hit the elliptical machine. And continue to treat fitness as self-care on February 8, when there’s a full moon in Leo. A trip to the gym could lead to a lot of flirting. Remember that sex is a great workout if you don’t feel like taking the spin class.

Setbacks might ruin your progress when Mercury turns retrograde and Mars enters Capricorn on the sixteenth, but be persistent. Do what it takes to get yourself fit, and don’t let easy excuses hold you back.

The sun entering Pisces on February 18 encourages you to get moving even if you feel like taking a nap. Then sweat out all your frustrations when the new moon is in Pisces on the twenty-third. You’ll feel better after!

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