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June 2017
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Think big and get big benefits from every minute that you spend getting stronger and fitter. You may be in good shape now, but you know that health and fitness require maintenance. You're up to doing the work, too. It is so worth it! Get inspired and be inspiring. Start June 1st with a modest run or workout. Make a stronger effort on the 2nd and 3rd. People are noticing your progress. Things fall into place on the 6th. Have a smooth day and a great run or exercise session. Be happy on June 9th and see how all your moves are just right. Eat well and drink plenty of water. You're in the zone. Be ambitious on the 15th. Do more steps. Got extra time? Do two yoga classes but pace yourself. June 18th is Father's Day. Work out early and enjoy your family. Eat smart and be a role model for others. Summer starts on June 20th. Think more sun, water sports, and sunscreen. Drink more water and healthy fluids, smoothies, and juices. Pay attention to digestion on the 23rd and count calories. Are you eating enough? Keep working hard. Have a fantastic run or walk on June 30th. You're so good!

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