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March 2017
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You know how much you can do and how far you can go before pushing your limits. Be smart and steady in your progress. If someone else encourages you to overdo it, you'll know right away. You want to keep this up and not burn out, right? You've got this well in hand. Start bright and chipper on the 1st. Have a strong run or workout and remember your dreams. You can make them happen. Keep your mood up and don't get dissatisfied or discouraged on the 4th. You're doing great. Have a fine time out in the sunshine and fresh air if you can. Friends will want to go with you. Just say yes. Dance away any blues on the 9th. Wear that new outfit. Want new shoes? You deserve them. The weekend of the 11th and 12th is good for outdoor activities close to home. That includes shopping, right? Get up, move around, do those steps, and carry those packages. It all counts. Be smart and sassy on the 18th. Do your yoga with style. Look great on the 25th and put that happiness into your weights workout. Sweat out any frustrations, then hot tub it on the 30th. All right!

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