Monthly FitnessScope: libra

August 2017
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You're doing fine and there's no reason to be hard on yourself if you think you're underperforming. You aren't. Maybe you need to set more realistic goals for the time being and take a break from aiming for the sky. The sky is going nowhere and you'll get there soon enough. You can excel without going bonkers. Start first thing on August 1. Run, do some aerobics or stretching, and feel good about it all day. Be more sociable with your gym buddies on the 2 and 3. If you had a busy weekend on the 5 and 6, use the 7 to rest and recover. Better still, have a mild, undemanding workout or run but keep moving. Good for you. August 12 could get confusing, so start that new weight routine some other time. Mercury is retrograde now. Healthy food shopping could be on the brain on the 18. Make your list and visit the farmers’ market on the 19. Fruits and salad stuff are so good now. Work out and have fun purely for yourself on the 21. August 25 is your power day, so push yourself. More laps, more steps, more minutes moving. Feel younger and stronger on the 31. You are!

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