aries Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

Month of April 2021

Powering Forward

You are in for a treat this month, with the sun and Venus in your sign highlighting all that is positive about you. And with chatty Mercury entering Aries on April 3, you’ll have the right words to match your ambitions and share your ideas.

The coming weeks sparkle with promise. And the new moon in your sign on the eleventh can be the key to an exciting and positive year ahead. This is the time to set your intentions and write down your goals, because this can pave the way for you to accomplish them.

Mars, your personal planet, is in Gemini until April 23, so you can easily impress others with your brilliant conversation and witty banter. But because you thrive on new situations and are something of a pioneer, your actions can speak even louder. Others will see you as someone who is willing to take risks to accomplish great things.

When sweet Venus moves into earthy Taurus on the fourteenth, it’s an opportunity to get out of your head and in sync with your body. If you’ve been using a lot of mental energy, take the time to relax, get a massage, walk in nature, and ground yourself. You’ll feel all the better for it.

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, bringing an opportunity to build on and grow your ideas. If you’ve done the groundwork, this next phase can be rewarding.

Dynamic Mars moves into Cancer and your home zone on the twenty-third for a stay of six weeks, so you might be concerned with home and family matters and protecting and nurturing those close to you.

Finally, there is a supermoon in Scorpio on April 26 that can supercharge your desires and empower them with a special magic. This potent lunar phase also has a sting in the tail, so try not to overreact if any drama should kick off.

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Monthly Love

Communicating is bold and exciting when Mercury enters your aggressive sign on April 3. For the next couple weeks you’re eager to let someone know exactly how you feel. Even though your words might not be the most poetic, the meaning is clear. The object of your affection won’t have any doubts about your attraction to them or your intentions.

A new moon in your electric sign on the eleventh gives you the energy and initiative to start a new relationship or take an existing one to the next level. You aren’t one to settle, and this...

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Monthly Work

This month calls for you to discuss existing contracts with the company you work for. When Mercury connects with your sign on April 3, you’ll have the opportunity to speak up and express your desire to renegotiate your salary. This could come to fruition when Venus enters Taurus on the fourteenth. However, the Aries new moon on April 11 will set your goals in motion. Manifest your truest desires at this moment to ensure you attain greatness.

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Monthly Dating

The start of the month sets you on the right foot for romance when Mercury enters your sign on April 3. Your words ooze with confidence and passion, so make your move, especially when Venus in your sign sextiles Mars in Gemini on the sixth, making you extra courageous. If you’ve been pining after someone, let them know! The best date night is when the new moon is in your sign on April 11, making you positively irresistible and powerful. This could be the start of a fabulous romance.

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