aries Monthly Horoscope for March 2021

By Helen Adams

Month of March 2021 This Month

A Spiritual Approach

This month begins with the sun in a spiritual and reflective zone until March 20. Last month was fairly hectic, but the coming weeks bring a chance to mull over all that has happened, come to some conclusions, find some answers, and tie up loose ends.

In fact, as fiery Mars moves into Gemini on the third, this can be a great time to start journaling as a way to make the most of the year ahead. Whatever occurs to you in meditation, this is the time to write it down. Journal about anything and everything, including your goals and desires, and you could be surprised by how things pick up and problems get solved.

The new moon on March 13 can be helpful for taking up a spiritual practice or creating a daily schedule that enables you to live to your full potential. And with chatty Mercury moving into Pisces on the fifteenth, you’ll be more in tune with your feelings and spiritual guidance and able to make wise decisions.

The sun glides into your sign on the twentieth for a four-week stay, so you may soon feel a surge of energy that can assist you with getting key projects off the ground. You could feel more fired up in general.

And with sultry Venus entering your sign the next day, you’ll have the attractor factor too. The combination of the sun and sweet Venus could inspire you to reach out to others for support, friendship, and networking purposes.

The full moon in Libra and across your relationship axis on March 28 brings your feelings into the open where it might be difficult to ignore them. In fact, this isn’t such a bad thing because it enables you to know what’s going on beneath the surface. It could give you some vital clues, especially in a relationship situation.

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Monthly Love

The combination of passionate Mars, your home planet, with flirty Gemini on March 3 could provide the kind of energy you’ve been missing in your love life. You’re quick to think of ideas that will excite your partner or come up with a pickup line that will help you get a yes from your current crush!

As the sun exits gentle and compassionate Pisces and takes up residence in your sign for the coming month, starting on the twentieth, you’re really in your element. When someone suggests that you take things slowly, it’s all you can do...

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Monthly Work

This is a very fast-paced month for you, fiery Aries! There’s a lot going on right away with Mars moving into your compatible sign of Gemini on the third of the month. This is going to make for a somewhat chaotic but fast-shifting energy—your favorite kind. You may have trouble keeping track of your ideas, so having a notebook with you is going to be your best bet for keeping everything straight.

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Monthly Dating

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