Join us in following the lunar cycles to better absorb the magic of the moon.

Many Moons

Expect Major Revelations During the Blue Taurus Moon

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Full Moons Highlight Upcoming Changes in Your World

This Full Moon in Aries Is About Exploring the Deepest Wound

New Moon in Virgo: The Divine Is in the Details

September’s Full Moon in Pisces Amplifies Your Intuition

The August New Moon in Leo Wants to See You Shine

Fixed Patterns Are Meant to Be Broken During the Aquarius Full Moon

July’s Cancer New Moon Gives Your a Second Chance to Get It Right

The Last Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn Heralds Major Transformation

The Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse Accelerates Social Change

June’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Turns up the Heat to the Max

The Gemini New Moon Is the Breath of Fresh Air You’ve Been Waiting For

The Scorpio Super Full Moon Decodes Messages From You Subconscious Mind

2020 Astrology Predictions: Lunar Nodes Enter Gemini and Sagittarius

Taurus New Moon: It’s Time to Reconnect With Mother Earth

The Super Full Libra Moon Gives Us a Glimpse Into the Future

The Fated Aries New Moon Invites You to Heal Your Deepest Wounds

The March Super Full Moon in Virgo Calls for Radical Self-Acceptance

February’s New Moon is a Beacon of Mystical Imagination