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Grounding Elements

Black Mirror: Use This Crystal to Cut Away What Doesn’t Serve You

Green Fire: A Meditation for Aquarius Moon Sextile Sun in Aries

Healing Old Wounds: Chiron in Pisces and an Aquarius Moon

Venus in Taurus Trine Saturn in Capricorn: Invest in Long-Term Love

Explosions in the Sky: A Crystal for Conflict Resolution

Meteorite: A Meditation for the Moon Conjunct Jupiter at 22 Degrees of Scorpio

Patchouli: Not Just for Hippies

Venus in Taurus: Get Sprung

Saturn in Capricorn: Get Real

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Calm Down!

Mercury Retrograde: Calling on Soul Connections!

Moon in Leo: Fire Walk with Me

Venus Square Pluto: Passion and Power

Sun in Aries: Let’s Grow Together

Spring Equinox: Happy Zodiac New Year!

Spring Equinox: Beginning and Renewal

Neptune in Pisces: Vision Quests and Ritual Baths

Moon in Pisces Meets Chiron: Heal Your Wounds

Extreme Celestial Weather: Your Weekly Crystal Horoscope

Venus Square Saturn: Your Wild Self