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You're a total schemer on Monday and can get a lot of mileage out of making quiet suggestions to...

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Monday and Tuesday are total groove-days for you -- it will feel like you've got extra energy...

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Even your tightest buds will pull back a little early in the week. Don't be too surprised if they...

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The first two days of the week are super busy for you, but don't let that get in the way of dealing...

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You will be totally driven on Monday and know exactly what (or whom) you want. Move quickly -- you...

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Take time off from whatever chores or drudgery you've been working at lately -- you've earned a...

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You might be a little down early this week, especially if you've just bumped up into something that...

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For the first couple of days of the week, you will feel almost robotic in your drive toward getting...

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Don't sit on your feelings early this week -- make sure everyone around you knows exactly what time...

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Everything snaps into place on Monday, and if you've been planning to make a move, now is the time...

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It will feel like you're boxed in on Monday and Tuesday, but don't go looking for clever exit...

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You and your people will be making each other stronger early this week, in a sort of 'you get my...

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Many Moons

Are Full Moon Babies Smarter? How to Discover Your Moon Phase and What It Means

Each phase of the lunar cycle has its own special power – and its imprint at birth can last the rest of our lives!

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