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Weekly RomanticScope


Think about tempering your usual bold approach with a smidgen of romantic subtlety as the week...

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Beauty's only skin deep, and you're looking for loveliness through and through, aren't you? The...

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Partnerships are in the stars as the week begins, but that doesn't mean everything's crystal clear....

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If you feel like holing up and putting matters of the heart on the back burner at the beginning of...

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If you feel sort of woozy, a little warm and slightly delirious at the week's outset, the diagnosis...

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Take care of work or family obligations on Monday; you'll definitely want the decks clear for more...

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Do some romance-related communicating on Monday, whether you're whispering sweet nothings to a...

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Keep romance low-key on Monday, and avoid taking a risk with your heart. Tuesday and Wednesday,...

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Your confidence makes you sparklingly attractive, especially on Monday when everyone else is...

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Stay realistic about romantic plans on Monday; you're liable to get ahead of yourself (and someone...

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Singletons could have great luck making new connections on Monday -- how about on a social...

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Your careful attention to a matter of the heart on Monday lets you see an aspect you've been...

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Grounding Elements -

The Stars Are Shady as F*Ck This Week. Let This Playlist Be a Warning

This week, the stars align to F up your flow. Use this playlist to course-correct your heart!

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