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What they see is what they get at the beginning of the week, and they're liking what they see....

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The realm of the philosophical is usually a bit too abstract for you, but someone engages you on...

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You've certainly got the gift of gab, but on Monday and Tuesday there's a deeper layer to what...

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Your spiritual side and the realm of romance are intersecting at the outset of the week, and your...

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You've got fiery, passionate energy on Monday and Tuesday -- while the rest of the world's just...

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Perfection may be elusive in the realm of romance at the beginning of the week, but if you go with...

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Sometimes the words get in the way, but not at the beginning of this week. What you say now -- or...

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At the beginning of the week, something that seems too good to be true in the realm of romance...

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Your immediate powers of observation and your long-term vision come into play in matters of the...

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A minor setback in your love life at the beginning of the week is just a minor setback and not the...

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If it's a roller coaster week in romance, at least it begins and ends on an up note. Monday and...

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Resist the temptation to blab about someone else's romantic affairs at the beginning of the week....

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Many Moons

Are Full Moon Babies Smarter? How to Discover Your Moon Phase and What It Means

Each phase of the lunar cycle has its own special power – and its imprint at birth can last the rest of our lives!

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