Mercury Conjunct Mercury

Mercury Conjunct Mercury Transit

There are three basic kinds of conjunctions transit Mercury can make to natal Mercury. The first, and most common, is the yearly passage of a fast (not near a station) and direct Mercury. This symbolizes relatively minor but important updates in the way you process information, symbols, and patterns. Important exchanges can be made at this time that will free up energy for new intellectual or social explorations. Sometimes, direct Mercury makes close conjunctions (within a few degrees) to the natal Mercury, while also conjunct the transiting sun, only at much longer thirteen-year intervals. These rarer direct conjunctions represent major shifts in how you relate to external social forces. You may decide to go on a long-term quest to retrieve lost, forgotten, unacknowledged, or unintegrated parts of your socially defined identity. The retrograde conjunctions from transit Mercury to natal Mercury will occur in groups of three (with a direct conjunction before and after) thirteen years apart. These represent opportunities for major shifts in direction from external socially defined narratives to inhabiting more internally focused, personally meaningful, and authentic stories. Social roles that have been fulfilled must be shed in order to make room for more personal growth. These transits have a feeling of returning home to remember, clarify, and update your relationship to the basic ideas, symbols, and core philosophy that have always internally defined yourself for yourself.