Mercury Conjunct Midheaven

Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Natal

This aspect brings great fluidity and intelligence to the public roles you take. For good or ill, you will be known for your adaptability and cunning. Because of the public nature of this position, there is a great need to learn to consciously control and channel the inherently restless nature of Mercury, as people will not respect someone who seems to go wherever the latest wind blows. At the same time, you have a coveted ability to see, understand, and converse with both sides in any given situation. This will be greatly valued if you learn to foster exchanges that bring win-win compromises. The danger is that short-term gains can be exchanged for a deeper debt in the longer-term. So you must also learn to listen, study, and understand the history and patterns leading up to the present situation, rather than always relying on relatively quick but shallow solutions.

Mercury Conjunct Midheaven Transit

This transit represents both the need and opportunity for clever adjustments in your public roles, where you must learn to “spin” the situation according to the narrative you wish to become accepted by the public. Just like scientific theories, the stories we tell are subject to the law of parsimony—that is, the simpler explanation is usually the best. Of course, over-simplifying more complex situations can result in absurdity. Still, being able to explain it to basically anyone is a good tool. Every six to seven years Mercury will make an extended stay in the sign of your midheaven, one that involves either three conjunctions or a station nearby the exact degree. These involve a more significant transition in your public roles. You may be challenged toward some form of social conformity, or perhaps you can challenge the status quo in a fashion that updates what is considered “normal.”

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