Mercury Conjunct Ascendant

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Since the ascendant represents our persona or interface with the outside world, and Mercury is about an exchange, Mercury is said to find its joy or highest expression in this position. If you have Mercury conjunct your ascendant, you inherently understand and navigate with a fluidity of consciousness that sees everything as it truly is—only a temporary manifestation of a single possibility. There are great flexibility and magic in this placement, which amounts to a kind of natural shapeshifting, but this can be a source of confusion, concern, or even consternation for those who are less pliable or need more permanency. The danger here is retreating into a world of imagination and fantasy where you are free to change at will. As you learn to control your consciousness and maintain more stable outer forms, others will learn to trust and accept your changes and you will be highly valued for your natural magic.

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant Transit

This transit represents both the need and opportunity for a clever adjustment to the self-presentation, where you consciously choose to reveal either more or less of yourself, depending on the situation. You may be offered or required to take on new roles, to “wear many hats” or perhaps to exchange one “hat” for another. This is generally a brief transit that comes around the same time every year, so you may begin to notice and anticipate some general trends and prepare for them. However, every six to seven years Mercury will make an extended stay in the sign of your ascendant, one that involves either three conjunctions or a station nearby the degree of your ascendant. These are much more significant transits that involve a major transition in your outer identity. They may come as a challenge regarding some form of social conformity, or alternatively, you can challenge the status quo in a fashion that updates what is considered “normal.”

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