Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury Square Neptune Natal

This combination can result in a very dreamy or idealistic temperament. It may be difficult to separate thoughts from emotions or the personal content from that belonging to others, but this is precisely what is most needed. Healthy boundaries, routines, and structures will help immensely to keep the sense of reality intact. Indulging in flights of fancy is fine, but it is necessary to keep from identifying with all but the most personal of dreams. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you may be a natural artist and definitely a dreamer, meaning that you need time to just sit and contemplate or be alone in nature. At the same time, healthy routines of hygiene and pragmatic activity should be adhered to in order to keep grounded. At your highest expression, you can literally visit other worlds and bring back inspiration to share with the collective. Learning to focus and control these experiences will make your gifts more tangible.

Mercury Square Neptune Transit

This transit symbolizes an opportunity to step outside the day-to-day reality and receive inspiration or solve problems with the imagination. Allow your mind to rest from problems for which you’ve exhausted rational choices and surrender it to something higher. This transit is generally quick in nature and occurs twice per year, but every six to seven years or more often as rarely as 13 years apart Mercury will make a series of three squares with the middle one occurring during the retrograde. This is a more significant transit that suggests a need to reorient to the ideals, imagination, or spiritual dimensions. Look deeper for and address the spiritual, unconscious, or generation-spanning components of intractable problems. Ask yourself if the problem even belongs to you. Pay close attention to your dreams and synchronicity.

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