Mercury Square Jupiter

Mercury Square Jupiter Natal

This combination suggests a dynamic tension between the general and particular, the local and far off, or the boots on the ground versus the generals back at headquarters. You will have to learn to make clear choices between theory and practical realities. You may be able to cut through obscurities to reveal underlying problems previously undetected. At the same time, because of the opposed nature of these two planets, you may feel compelled to draw clear contrasts where none truly exist. Sometimes it pays to remain as objective as possible and keep the amount of spin to the necessary minimum, in order to avoid a reputation for calling wolf when the problem is merely a stray mongrel. At other times, it may be necessary to inflate estimations of the problem in order the shake off complacency. The key is in understanding the general mood and amount of energy and resources available.

Mercury Square Jupiter Transit

This transit symbolizes the need to make conscious choices in modulating the balance between theory and practice. New facts may come to light that question previous understandings. This transit is generally quick in nature and occurs twice per year, but every six to seven years or more often as rarely as thirteen years apart Mercury will make a series of three squares with the middle one occurring during the retrograde. This is a more significant transit that suggests a more long-term adjustment between your personal and social realities. You may need to challenge a popular idea or simply understand that you are an exception that doesn’t fit the standard model. Either way, you may need to go it alone until you can demonstrate the need for more support.

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