Mercury Conjunct Sun

Mercury Conjunct Sun Natal

During retrograde motion, Mercury makes the inferior (meaning below or interior) conjunction where it passes between the sun and the Earth. This conjunction grants the classic powers of the Psychopomp, or guide of souls to the lower worlds. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you have unusual abilities to see into the hidden areas of the human psyche, perhaps easily communicating with animals and nature and exploring “non-ordinary” states of consciousness. At the very least, you are a psychologist who instinctively knows the deeper truths lurking below the surface of everyday reality. This penetrating quality can be quite off-putting to some, and so you need to learn how to stay on the surface of consciousness when dealing with everyday situations in order to keep from scaring off potential allies and friends. Also, consciously keeping a heart-centered awareness (rather than a purely mental focus) will help you to gain trust. During direct motion, Mercury makes the superior (meaning above or exterior) conjunction where it passes on the far side of the sun from Earth. If you have this aspect in your birth chart, because Mercury was traveling extremely fast at this conjunction, it means your mind is so fast and overloaded with information that you have a hard time conveying the enormity of your full perception. You are here to be the guardian of some kind of sacred esoteric knowledge. You must either go on a journey to find the knowledge that has been lost or be tasked with safeguarding such knowledge from becoming lost or falling into the wrong hands. This may involve sifting through enormous quantities of information looking for the slightest hints and most subtle clues to take them to the next step on their journey. Conversely, it may involve encoding such knowledge that it can “hide in plain sight” and the deeper secrets and purposes only be revealed to those who have journeyed far enough to be initiated into its wisdom.

Mercury Conjunct Sun Transit

There are two very different kinds of conjunctions Mercury can make with the sun. During retrograde motion, Mercury is in the inferior (meaning below or interior) passage where it moves between the sun and the Earth. These retrograde conjunctions will occur in groups of three (with a direct conjunction before and after) only every six to seven years, or more often, thirteen years apart. These are opportunities for breaking free from the trappings of the egoic self and its attachments and more closely aligning with the inner truth. Close conjunctions (within a few degrees) from stationary Mercury to the sun only occur at thirteen-year intervals (or longer). These represent very potent turning points where further personal growth in consciousness requires the identity must slough off its old skin completely and re-emerge with a shiny, more pliable new coat capable of stretching into new areas of growth. During fast direct motion (not near a station) Mercury makes the superior (meaning above or exterior) passage where it moves on the far side of the sun from Earth. These quick one-hit conjunctions from transit Mercury to the natal sun happen yearly and represent relatively minor but still valuable upgrades to the everyday consciousness from the higher self. Sometimes, direct Mercury makes close conjunctions (within a few degrees) to the natal sun, while also conjunct the transiting sun, only at longer thirteen-year intervals. These rarer conjunctions represent major downloads from the higher self that may take years to fully integrate. Personal work on removing blockages in the ability to receive higher inspiration both before and after these rare high energy transits will greatly facilitate integration.

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