Mercury Square Mars

Mercury Square Mars Natal

This combination gives an extra emphasis to the martian qualities where the mind is driven to break things apart, constantly separating the wheat from the chaff. The danger here is not knowing when or being able to stop continued divisions, as beyond the point of their true utility the pursuit of purity becomes mere destruction. This may sometimes be a useful trait in solo sports or in a professional critic, but some sense of boundaries or limits will need to be cultivated even here. The key is in allowing Mercury to weave into the mixture just enough impurities that it strengthens the final product. Learning when not to press an advantage is important. With time, you will begin to sense the dead ends in your path before they are reached and always leave a few extra options on the table, as possible detours, before pressing forward again.

Mercury Square Mars Transit

This transit symbolizes the need to make hard choices that may have been avoided too long. The clear need to cut away dead wood may result in cutting out more than is really necessary, so some amount of caution is still advisable. This transit is generally quick in nature and occurs twice per year, but every six to seven years or more often as rarely as 13 years apart Mercury will make a series of three squares with the middle one occurring during the retrograde. This is a more significant transit suggesting a more long-term adjustment where repeated trimming can result in a more efficient cutting away of that which is holding one back. Ruthless pragmatism should be tempered with efficiency, as some of what is removed may be able to be recycled or reassigned.

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