Mercury Square Midheaven

Mercury Square Midheaven Natal

This square reveals a tension between the independent autonomy seeking parts of yourself and the need to belong, which also comes with a sense of obligation toward group norms. In your public roles, your life is really never your own as there are always commitments and expectations to uphold. For most people, it’s natural to need an outlet from this tension, to “cut loose” now and then. For you, the awareness of that tension and the need to modulate its release is more acute and important. Becoming proficient in an array of stress reduction techniques is necessary. You may also need to learn to negotiate individual exceptions or accommodations regarding certain rules based on your personal needs and situation. These experiences may lead you to become an advocate or formal mediator between individual and corporate or state interests.

Mercury Square Midheaven Transit

This transit symbolizes an opportunity to modulate tensions between your professional commitments and what you do on your own time. There may be pressure to conform or to conceal your own personal choices somewhat. Careful evaluation of whether this pressure is appropriate, justified, and legal should help determine your response. This transit is generally quick in nature and occurs twice per year, but every six to seven years or more often as rarely as 13 years apart Mercury will make a series of three squares with the middle one occurring during the retrograde. This is a more significant transit that symbolizes a deeper inner conflict between your public and private lives that is seeking healing and resolution. You may have the opportunity to adjust the choices you’ve made in the past or to clear the way for the future by finalizing choices you’ve put off.

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