Mercury Trine Mars

Mercury Trine Mars Natal

This combination symbolizes an easy harmony between your thoughts and consciousness and your drive for personal excellence. Rather than simply defeating those who you compete with, you may develop a knack for setting yourself apart while also lifting up those around you. You may have an easy understanding of science, engineering, or business, and all left-brain analytical functions come to you easily or without too much effort. You are goal-driven and once you set your mind to a task it generally becomes accomplished and with excellent harmonious outcomes. Your ability to focus and single-mindedly attack something is remarkable, but you also know when to take breaks or introduce a little flexibility into plans before they break down. This natural sense of the ebb and flow of momentum allows you to push when your efforts will be maximized, and rest or keep pace when the flow is against you.

Mercury Trine Mars Transit

This aspect suggests an easy opportunity to harmonize plans and strategies toward your goals. By understanding timing and going with the flow, a quick push of maximum effort can put you over the top of a difficult spot and moving onward toward your goals. This is generally a quick transit that comes around twice a year, but as soon as every six to seven years or more often at longer thirteen-year intervals, Mercury makes a series of three trines with the middle one occurring during its retrograde. This is a very important transit that suggests more long-term adjustments in how you define personal excellence. You may realize you don’t want or need to fight for or defend something and move on toward a more personally meaningful goal.

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