Mercury opposite Ascendant

Mercury Opposite Ascendant Natal

This combination signifies an intense need to belong against which you may nevertheless constantly rebel. Conversely, you may not know how to be alone until you are forced to. A natural sense of independence and autonomy is more easily obtained through the tension of opposition or partnering rather than direct identification. Sarcasm can be a favorite pastime, and this can be turned into the useful art of a formal critic if an investment in the study is undertaken. You may not know who you are, but you definitely know who you are not. Paradoxically, there is a certain freedom in defining yourself through others, because it keeps people from making unconscious assumptions about you and helps you avoid being pigeon-holed. Your position may evolve from something of a “me against the world” stance to a more team-oriented “us against them” until finally a more dispassionate or in-between position is reached.

Mercury Opposite Ascendant Transit

This transit suggests a challenge to the sense of personal freedom and independence, where you may be rightly or wrongly identified primarily through belonging to someone or something else than an individual trait. There may be a need to “take one for the team” or else to somewhat extricate oneself from group identity. This is generally a quick transit that comes around once per year, but as often as six to seven years or as seldom as thirteen years apart Mercury will make a series of three oppositions with the middle one occurring during retrograde motion. This is a much more significant transit that suggests the need for inner adjustments in the sense of membership and belonging. You may be tired of going it alone or you may need some space, but either way, a long-term shift is likely necessary.

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