Mercury Trine Midheaven

Mercury Trine Midheaven Natal

This combination brings easy acceptance into the public or professional spheres. You have a natural self-assurance combined with either some seriousness or popularity which encourages others to take a risk on you. You will never be without work if you are willing to ask around and may actually have a hard time turning down opportunities until your load is so full that you have to. Your good nature gives you a tendency to over-extend yourself and going the extra mile turns into two or three. Cultivating some boundaries and the impression that your talents are a relatively scarce commodity increases the efficiency with which you can serve and benefits the community more than running yourself ragged. Conversely, periods of surplus can lead to passivity and idleness whereby you eventually fall behind and have to catch up. Fortunately for you, a little effort goes a long way here, and you are back on top in no time.

Mercury Trine Midheaven Transit

This aspect suggests an opportunity to either expand your daily work schedule or expand your coffers after having already met some expanded responsibilities. This is generally a quick transit that comes around twice a year, but as soon as every six to seven years or more often at longer thirteen-year intervals, Mercury makes a series of three trines with the middle one occurring during its retrograde. This is a more significant transit which suggests an inner adjustment in how you see your daily work routine and the resources you have with which to accomplish it. You may need to work smarter rather than harder or increase your fees due to increased demand. You may also have resources at your command which you’ve been holding back, and now is the time to dig deep and bring them to bear.

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