Mercury Sextile Venus

Mercury Sextile Venus Natal

This aspect can only form when Mercury and Venus are on different sides of the sun in the zodiac, with one of them rising ahead of the sun as morning star and the other setting behind the sun as evening star. As such, it primarily represents a harmonizing of the inner and outer-directed parts of the self. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, try developing a rhythm and empowering exchange between introverted and extroverted activities similar to the cycle between waking and sleeping. Just as you need plenty of rest in order to be productive, you also need breaks from mental activity to engage your imagination, creative pursuits, or experiences of beauty and tranquility. Finding, developing, and standing up for your own personal cycle between right and left-brained activities is as important as physical and emotional health for you.

Mercury Sextile Venus Transit

This transit suggests an opportunity for bringing fresh ideas into your creative process, either through reading up on the current trends or going within and to see what new ideas are lurking in the hidden corners of your mind. This can also signify a burst of cooperative social energy that you can use to extend or deepen your social networks. This is generally a brief transit that comes around twice a year, however, every six to seven or even thirteen years apart, Mercury will make an extended series of three sextiles with the middle one during its retrograde. These are much more significant transits that involve a more substantial transition in your personal creative or social networking processes.

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