Mercury opposite Midheaven

Mercury Opposite Midheaven Natal

This combination signifies an intense need to withdraw from the outside world and cultivate a protected personal or familial space from where the mind can view the world from a safe distance. You may be very shy, introverted, or somehow bound up in your own internal world. You may even present as loquacious in public but nonetheless, find it extremely tiring and need to withdraw afterward. After enough inner exploration, you may find that you do indeed have something important to say, and depending on how your message is received, may be drawn more and more into the public eye. However, any experiences of rejection may drive you even further inward, so it may be helpful to have an intermediary such as an agent or mentor. If a satisfactory rhythm between the inner and outer life can be established, this may turn into a very productive placement.

Mercury Opposite Midheaven Transit

This transit suggests a challenge to the sense of public identity. There may be a need to take time away from work and tend to personal matters. At its more extreme, you may need to decide whether to bow to external pressures or take a stand against popular opinion. This is generally a quick transit that comes around once per year, but as often as six to seven years or as seldom as 13 years apart Mercury will make a series of three oppositions with the middle one occurring during retrograde motion. This is a much more significant transit that suggests an inner need for adjustments to the public image. You may need to develop your message from something negative to a more positive position, by focusing on what you are for rather than against. Conversely, you may need to distance or even disassociate yourself from someone or something fallen out of public favor.

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