Mercury opposite Neptune

Mercury Opposite Neptune Natal

This combination symbolizes a state of dynamic tension between your day-to-day stream of consciousness and your more refined artistic, imaginative, and idealistic side. This is the signature of the dreamer, with your head in the clouds. You may have trouble focusing on the practical daily matters because you are constantly drawn to inner worlds of imagination or your high idealism won’t let you engage in anything that feels like a debasement. Separating and clearly delineating time for your religious or artistic urges may help to define and structure them, and alternating these periods with normal activities may be necessary. You can soak up emotional and psychic impressions from all around you, and so there may be trouble understanding or defining where your own personality ends and something else begins. Some basic psychological training in therapeutic practices may be necessary and helpful to figure out what is yours and what simply flows through you.

Mercury Opposite Neptune Transit

This transit suggests a challenge to the way you relate to high artistic or spiritual ideals. You may receive news that brings disillusionment or find yourself unable to live up to your own ideals. In either case, a practical assessment of what you’ve actually lost is necessary as the feelings may far outweigh the reality. This is generally a quick transit that happens around once per year, but as often as six to seven years or as seldom as 13 years apart, Mercury will make a series of three oppositions with the middle one occurring during retrograde motion. This is a much more significant transit that suggests an inner need to make major adjustments to your ideals. You may be disillusioned and need to reconnect with higher guidance, or you may need to shrink the gap between your real and ideal self by bringing the ideal down to earth a bit while also stepping up to meet it.

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