Mercury Sextile Midheaven

Mercury Sextile Midheaven Natal

This aspect brings the intelligence and flexibility of Mercury to your public role and career, without as much of a need to control and direct its changeable nature. There’s a natural ability to harmonize with complimentary contacts from the business, non-profit, or spiritual communities in a way that brings mutual benefit to you and the public. Developing a wide array of contacts you can call on for help keeps you from becoming too beholden to narrow interests and also broadens the scope and reach of your efforts. There can be great magic in bringing together groups for a common purpose who might otherwise not really know about or work with each other very much. Allow these things to develop naturally, out of mingling during your natural movements. Just make it a habit to talk to people about what’s going on and let them see for themselves the opportunities for help that you can facilitate.

Mercury Sextile Midheaven Transit

This transit suggests that you may have access to public resources by cultivating contacts in the business, non-profit, or spiritual communities. Talk to people and see what they’re up to and don’t forget to tell them about what you’re doing and what kind of help you need. Remember to publicly thank and give credit to those who step up with assistance. This is generally a brief transit that comes around twice a year, however, every six to seven or even thirteen years apart, Mercury will make an extended series of three sextiles with the middle one during its retrograde. These are much more significant transits that involve a more substantial transition in your ability to call on community resources. You may need to formally join some group whether in support or opposition of policy in order to change the way things are done, either from within or without.

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