Mercury Square Pluto

Mercury Square Pluto Natal

This combination can result in a very intense and probing mental temperament. The ability to sense and draw out hidden motivations makes for great investigative skills. You may tend to question everything, which most people take for granted, and yet also obsessively elaborate on particular answers to things that are ultimately unanswerable. You have a strong emotional component to your thought processes and can be very compelling and easily persuade other people with your convictions. Care should thus be taken to back up these convictions with as much rational evidence as possible and hunches should consciously remain as such even when relative amounts of certainty are present. Separating what you know for a fact, from what you believe, and the ability to let go of things when they have run their course are paramount.

Mercury Square Pluto Transit

This transit symbolizes an opportunity to question the accepted version of things and look deeper for hidden motivations or corrupting influences. Questioning power dynamics as to their fairness, ethical, or legal validity may be necessary. This transit is generally quick and occurs twice per year, but every six to seven years or more often as rarely as 13 years apart Mercury will make a series of three squares with the middle one occurring during the retrograde. This is a more significant transit that suggests the need to adjust your inner sense of power or powerlessness. Conflicts of interest should be avoided or examined and disengaged from. Examine deeper motivations that are either too strong or too weak, as they may be based on unhealthy levels of need, false ideas and promises, or unsustainable conditions.

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