Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Natal

This combination grants insight into the relative fluidity of seemingly immutable laws, structures, and boundaries. Over time, even glass flows downward like a liquid and the understanding of time as fluid and cyclical is one of the great gifts of this conjunction. Knowledge of history and established dogma is important but more important for this combination is cultivating the imaginative faculties that can rearrange, restructure, and reveal openings and exceptions within relative certainties and thereby increase the understanding of the system as a whole. With this aspect in your chart, you have the capacity to reveal the way out of seemingly stagnant situations or the way forward from seeming dead ends. Ultimately, you must remind yourself to not become too fixated in your own ideas or opinions, as doing so would limit your own intellectual journey.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn Transit

There are different kinds of conjunctions transiting Mercury can make with natal Saturn. During normal direct motion (not near a station) transit, Mercury makes quick one-hit conjunctions to natal Saturn that happen yearly and represent an opportunity for insight into structures, boundaries, and long-term planning. Organizational adjustments and tweaks to make things run smoother and more efficiently are needed as new details of day-to-day operations emerge. Sometimes, direct Mercury makes close conjunctions (within a few degrees) to natal Saturn, while also conjunct the transiting sun, only at much longer thirteen-year intervals. These rarer conjunctions represent opportunities for new social or work experiences that can eventually greatly enhance your status as an authority figure. Important mentors can emerge, and accepting more responsibility or limits will force you to grow in ways you wouldn’t have imagined for yourself. The retrograde conjunctions from transit Mercury to natal Saturn will occur in groups of three (with a direct conjunction before and after) only every six to seven years, or more often, thirteen years apart. These are opportunities for major adjustments to your inner sense of discipline and structure. You may also gain insight into ways a new plan is needed for you to reach your personal goals and potentials.

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