Mercury Conjunct Moon

Mercury Conjunct Moon Natal

The moon represents the core emotional self and how we take in and integrate solar consciousness into the core self. Mercury then represents the mental self and how we consciously process and make sense of this information once it’s received. When the moon and Mercury are conjunct in a natal chart, this means that the clarity and quality of your thought processes are highly interdependent upon your emotional speed and dexterity. Ideally, this means that emotional intelligence is highly integrated with rational intelligence. Care should be taken in educating yourself about this process so that you learn to take in information through a variety of formats and understand what channels work best for you and get accommodations when needed. Chances are that any difficulties in comprehension are related to emotional disturbances or blockages, so early training in understanding and processing emotions is a key to full intellectual development.

Mercury Conjunct Moon Transit

There are different kinds of conjunctions Mercury can make with the moon. During normal direct motion (not near a station) transit Mercury makes quick one-hit conjunctions to the natal moon that happen yearly and represent an opportunity for increased understanding of your basic core (inner) self and how you handle and process emotions. These are opportunities for observing and studying your basic emotional patterns and the accompanying mental scripts to gain clarity about them and perhaps begin to think about changing the focus to a new narrative or story you want to bring into your life. Sometimes, direct Mercury makes close conjunctions (within a few degrees) to the natal moon, while also conjunct the transiting sun, only at much longer thirteen-year intervals. These rarer conjunctions represent major downloads from the higher self that may take years to fully integrate. Personal work on emotional blockages both before and after these rare high energy transits will greatly facilitate their integration and maximize subsequent growth. The retrograde conjunctions from transit Mercury to the natal moon will occur in groups of three (with a direct conjunction before and after) only every six to seven years, or more often, thirteen years apart. These are opportunities for major adjustments to core emotional patterns, by paying attention to, and consciously adjusting, the scripts and narratives you tell yourself about yourself and your life. As your story changes, so will your core feelings. Conversely, as unexpected events provoke new feelings, you may find that the old stories you used to make sense of in your world no longer seem as true. You will then need to adjust your story to make room for the new feelings. Making these adjustments clears room for major growth to occur over the next several years.

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