Mercury opposite Jupiter

Mercury Opposite Jupiter Natal

This combination symbolizes a state of dynamic tension between the way you think, speak, and navigate your day-to-day reality versus your relationship to larger concepts like law, philosophy, and religion. Your daily actions may be hindered by larger concerns or you may essentially feel like an agnostic while yet compelled to go through the motions due to social pressures. Whether your faith is too much or too little, it impacts your daily life in innumerable ways. These tensions may periodically come to a head and you are forced to vent the pressure or find a way to turn down the heat. Conversely, you may keep the conflict tightly under wraps until it inevitably leads to a big showdown. In either case, the choice is never really as cut and dried as either you or others make it out to be. The more you can learn to combine these two aspects so they can both be fully present and true at the same time, the happier you will become.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter Transit

This transit suggests a challenge to your sense of the big picture and the future. New facts may emerge that challenge your larger philosophy, or you may find justification for theories that you had deemed improbable. Either way, your compass needs adjusting. This is generally a quick transit that comes around once per year, but as often as six to seven years or as seldom as 13 years apart, Mercury will make a series of three oppositions with the middle one occurring during retrograde motion. This is a very important transit that suggests an inner need to make major adjustments to your personal philosophy and vision of the future. Your inner focus may have shifted, and this may require replotting your course. Conversely, obstacles may require you to shift your focus for a while, before getting back on course.

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