Mercury Sextile Saturn

Mercury Sextile Saturn Natal

This combination gives the possibility for an understanding of the complexity and fluidity of structures, boundaries, and systems. If you have this aspect in your chart, you need encouragement to step beyond repetitive learning and begin to play with more practical combinations as soon as possible. More than simply understanding the rules, you can learn the most by studying the exceptions, because this will tell you something about both the reason for and the limitations of the rules themselves. You need to learn the ability to organize raw data in order to bring out the fundamental characteristics of what is being studied. Understanding that failures are important to eventual success and the value of trial and error will keep you happily plugging along at tasks others find boring or monotonous. Through your understanding of systems and organizational structures, you can be a great agent or representative who is able to harmonize needs between workers or clients and companies.

Mercury Sextile Saturn Transit

This transit represents an opportunity to communicate or negotiate between large corporate or governmental structures and the individual employee, customer, or end-user. Getting feedback from the day-to-day experiences of regular people can inform management and lead to improvements. This is generally a brief transit that comes around twice a year, however, every six to seven or even thirteen years apart, Mercury will make an extended series of three sextiles with the middle one during its retrograde. These are much more significant transits that signify the potential for important upgrades extending into new products, services, or markets.

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