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Grounding Elements

Sagittarius Sky: Let Go and Enjoy the Ride

Mercury Retrograde: Your Weekly Horoscope in Film

Mercury in Sagittarius: Return to Innocence

Sun Conjunct Mercury: Can Examining our Past Change our Future?

Intensity and Expansion: When Mars Joins Jupiter in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio: Still Waters Run Deep

Jupiter in Scorpio: Your Weekly Horoscope in Film

CHIRON IN PISCES: Healing Spiritual Wounds

Mercury Retrograde: Breathe and Receive

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Time to Take Stock

Venus in Sagittarius: Lust for Life

Welcome, Venus: For Better or Worse

Moon in Aries: Welcome to Your Best Self

Mercury Conjunct Saturn: House of the Future

Sagittarius Season: Time to Focus

Neptune Direct: Lose Your Illusions

Mercury in Sagittarius: Speak your Truth

Neptune Out of Retrograde: The Truth Revealed

Sun in Sagittarius: Life at Full Gallop

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