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The Sky this Week, April 7, 2024

Our self-perception is shaken awake this week, as we want to nurture different facets and sides of ourselves that have laid dormant for far too long. The Aries solar eclipse on April 8 will usher in karmic new beginnings, liberating us from the chains of self-doubt or self-neglect. As the vibration of empowerment rises in the collective air, we feel much more assured that we have what it takes to go after what we need for ourselves. 

Strategy and deliberate decision making are the secret ingredients in the recipe for self-fulfillment. Add in forthright conversations, tenacious foresight, and determination. However, if you add too much impulsivity into the mix, the finished dish may come out looking like it was rushed and not carefully tended to. 

MANTRA I am eager, prepared, and open to meeting the new, evolved version of myself.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will feel the most impacted by the solar eclipse this week.

Aries will feel the urgency to change many areas of their life as this week’s solar eclipse occurs in their sign.

Leo shifts their perspective and outlook on life as a solar eclipse occurs in fellow fire sign, Aries.

Sagittarius find themselves contemplating their passions and romantic life when a solar eclipse occurs in fellow fire sign, Aries.

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