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The Sky this Week, November 26, 2023

As we dive into the depths of the autumn season, with the darkness far outgrowing the light, we will notice that the energy in the heavens is certainly shifting. While Sagittarius season is upon us — often bringing a festive and joyous pace to life — we will be feeling the heavens weighing upon us. A full moon in Gemini — also known as the Beaver Moon — arrives on November 27 and will unfortunately be one of the most challenging lunations in 2023. This is because the full moon will be exactly opposite Mars, the planet of anger, bringing explosive emotions and accidents upon our paths. Worse yet, the full moon and Mars will be exactly square Saturn, bringing bad news, challenges, and heavy pressure into our lives. Mercury, the planet that rules this lunation, is also clashing exactly with Neptune, bringing insecurity, delusion, and confusion. However, as a saving grace, our cosmic messenger kisses Venus, which means that in order to unplug from the drama, it’d be a good time to engage with art or circulate amongst close friends.

MANTRA I am always ready for whatever the universe will throw at me. I am unafraid.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Despite the rather challenging energy of the cosmos this week, a trio of zodiac signs could still find opportunities for happiness: Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Leos could meet a new friend who ends up radically changing their lives for the better or at the very least attend a glamorous event. Libras, however, could see...

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