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The Sky this Week, July 7, 2024

On July 11, romantic Venus charms her way into ferocious Leo. Love will be a sight to see. Venus in Leo conjures alluring spells through promises of loyalty, devotion, and affection. Cinematic masterpieces are created by artists and lovers alike. Dramatic, public proclamations of love are spoken into the summer breeze. However, arguments can just as easily spring from too much passion. While desire is on full display, so is defiance and ego.

Power couples show off their beloved, boasting their arm candy. To be treated like royalty is a love language this week. Words of affirmation slip off our tongues abundantly, showering you with gratification. If you have to question someone’s dedication, know something is amiss. Genuine connections will be marking their territory with pride, platonic and intimate alike, for all to witness and see. 

MANTRA The right people for you will bring you unwavering devotion and loyalty, with your flaws and all.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will have lovey-dovey energy circulating their week.

Aries will be glowing from lighthearted pleasure, romantic experiences, and sexy moments. 

Leo’s confidence soars as alluring Venus enters their sign, beautifying their appearance and life. 

Sagittarius sees the world through an optimistic lens, allowing them to go beyond their comfort zone...

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