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The Sky this Week, February 21

As we move toward March, the more pleasant astrological aspects begin to rain down on us. As if the heavens are parting to reveal the jewels in the sky, we shall experience a more delightful week, one where we not only focus on our ambitions, but also open ourselves up to pleasure. Look up and feel the Universe’s embrace and encouragement to move forward. While we are still in the post-shadow of the Mercury retrograde phase for a couple of weeks ahead, the pace of life is certainly picking up. Also, this is an especially auspicious time to launch new things, begin projects, and start relationships, as the planets will all be direct until April 27. Carpe diem!

The first major aspect of the week will take place on the twenty-fourth, as sizzling Mars in Taurus tosses a golden chain across the sky to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn. As with all Mars transits, there is a long string of days this energy will likely be felt leading up to it as well as after. Mars is like that comet in the sky, soaring with a blazing tail. Prepare to feel assertive and confident, while still maintaining an easy path toward your plans. Harness this goal-directed energy and launch toward your greatest ambitions.

Some individuals may be asked to step into power at this time, as this is a transit that highlights leadership. Personal relationships can also improve because of this feisty energy! Not only will one be able to wield power and influence more readily, but this can also draw...

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