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The Sky this Week, June 13

2021’s astrological weather, while much better than 2020’s, still has some rare and intense planetary aspects. Of them, the ongoing clash between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is the most prominent and takes place three times this year. This energy will be felt profoundly at this time, and your weekly horoscope for June 13 has the scoop on how to handle it. And before the square is exact this week, there will be other planetary aspects to deal with.

June 13 starts off the week with sweet vibes. Venus in watery Cancer will sextile Uranus in earthy Taurus. Good times are assured, stimulating our romantic passions and desire for fun and excitement. This alignment is excellent for enjoying time with friends or expanding your social circle. Surprises and breakthroughs could come in the form of hedonism, spontaneous interactions, artistic insights, entertainment, or even an unexpected financial windfall. Another way this may manifest is for us to step out of our comfort zone in our daily plans or even just spicing up our fashion with a unique style.

Surprisingly, though, the sun in Gemini will also square Neptune in Pisces on the thirteenth. This will create a murky influence on our daily interactions, bringing confusion, disappointment, or deception. We may be prone to insecurity, guilt, and over idealization. Our energy levels will be significantly diminished as our minds and vitality are weakened. Stay in your highest vibration...

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