Pluto Sextile Pluto

Pluto Sextile Pluto Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a sextile aspect with natal Pluto, you will feel incited toward seeking greater empowerment in your life. This is a potent period of cultivating significant growth and development, during which you will gain a deeper awareness of whatever you feel passionate about. You will also reflect on the type of role and personal power you desire to cultivate within society. Significant new relationships will enter your life that are aligned with your goals who possess resources that support your aspirations. You will be particularly fascinated by certain people who represent the qualities you wish to develop for yourself. During this transit, you will experience a deepening and intensification of desires and purpose to follow. This will make you confront any issues you have with claiming greater power for yourself. This is a great time to actively engage with resources that can increase your knowledge and skills, such as enrolling in training or a course of study, or finding an experienced mentor who can help guide you.