Pluto opposite Neptune

Pluto Opposite Neptune Natal

People will not be born with an opposition between Pluto and Neptune again until the 22nd century. Previously, Pluto formed an opposition with Neptune in the 17th century. Being born with an opposition between Pluto and Neptune means that you were born during an extreme time of epochal shifts around the world. Being born into a generation with Pluto opposite Neptune means that you will be part of collective events and movements that have a deeply transformative impact on the ideals and beliefs throughout collective cultures around the world. In your personal life, you are extremely imaginative and receptive to unconscious insight. You will likely become intensely drawn to immersing yourself into a spiritual, philosophical, or metaphysical system of belief that resonates with you. It will be necessary for you to experience disillusionment at times through cathartic events that purge illusory beliefs from you.

Pluto Opposite Neptune Transit

This transit has not happened to anyone currently alive and will not be possible to occur for anyone for a long time unless life expectancy dramatically increases. For example, with the generation born with Neptune in Scorpio (born from 1956 through 1970), Pluto will not enter Taurus until 2095 making them need to live to at least 139 years of age.

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