Pluto Conjunct Saturn

Pluto Conjunct Saturn Natal

Being born with Pluto in a conjunction aspect to Saturn, you are drawn toward finding a role within society through which you can become an authority and make an impact. You are ambitious and willing to put in the dedicated work and discipline needed to achieve success. You may spend long periods of time if necessary in study, training, or practice. You also focus on learning how to navigate through societal structures so that you can acquire greater power or status. You likely had a parent or other authority figure growing up who expected you to conform with their expectations of success. This figure may have taught you lessons about dealing with power dynamics in relationships. Due to your desire for achievement, you need to watch for tendencies of becoming manipulative in pursuit of your goals. Over time you can become responsible and accountable in actualizing your potential. You are particularly drawn to learning about the traditional foundation of whatever subject you are interested in, learning from past lineages through study or direct learning from a mentor.

Pluto Conjunct Saturn Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Saturn, you have entered a powerful time. This is a period of change and regeneration in which you will have to release attachment to some aspects of your life that have previously given you a sense of security. Though there will be a profound feeling of gravity, constraint, and contraction to deal with at times, the constriction you persist through will force you to build a stronger foundational structure. This will foster a greater strength within you. You likely will have experienced a complete metamorphosis of structural elements in your life by the end of this transit. While you are in the middle of the changes, it may feel difficult or worrisome to be faced with certain losses. Keep in mind that while this transit is likely to bring death and decay in one form or another, it will also clear ground so that you can create new life structures. These new structures will resonate more deeply with your emerging desires and purpose.

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