Pluto Square Neptune

Pluto Square Neptune Natal

Pluto will not form a square aspect with Neptune until the 2050s through the 2070s. Previously, Pluto formed a square aspect with Neptune toward the beginning of the 19th century. Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with Neptune makes you part of a generation that at times can become compulsively driven to follow their ideals and beliefs. In some ways, this can give you an incredibly inspirational quality that can maintain resilient and hopeful in the face of obstacles. In other ways, this can make you dogmatic and self-righteous at times. You possess resistance to critically reflect upon or question your belief system. At times you will experience disillusionment that will be necessary for you to shed and release beliefs that you realize have been illusory and leading you astray. These periods of time will be difficult but necessary transitions that can then lead you to become involved in a new philosophical or spiritual belief system that resonates more with your sense of personal meaning and lived experience.

Pluto Square Neptune Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with natal Neptune, you will experience a dissolving and shedding of numerous aspects of your life. You will let go what you had previously been strongly attached to as sources of security and identity. You may become swept up by hubris that leads to conflicts that wound your pride and ego. Ultimately, through the difficulties, you will have the opportunity to shed any inflated or delusional beliefs. You will need to surrender to deep-seated changes that can also provoke feelings of disillusionment. Structures, people, and situations you had felt you could count on in the past are no longer reliable. You will become aware of unconscious patterns and hidden information you had not been aware of, bringing you the opportunity to initiate a holistic healing process. This can be achieved through deepening your involvement in psychological, meditative, spiritual, and other healing modalities. It will be necessary to cultivate forgiveness and self-acceptance during this transit. It will be helpful to involve yourself in community activities or group associations that can help bring supportive relationships into your life.

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