Pluto Conjunct Venus

Pluto Conjunct Venus Natal

Being born with Venus in conjunction with Pluto, there is a depth of intensity you desire in your relationships that penetrates underneath the usual surface-level interactions. You need intimate, honest conversations in your relationships in which each person is willing to open up and expose both their vulnerabilities and deepest feelings. When you feel connected with someone you can be drawn to merging with them and transforming one another in the process. However, you must guard against becoming obsessive to the point of compulsively, needing the other person for fulfillment. This can lead to manipulation, as well as power and control dynamics. The more you can meet your own needs and develop your capacity for self-love, the more likely you can cultivate relationships of mutual empowerment and support. You are likely to attract and be attracted to people with a powerful presence and potent emotions, which means you need to have a strong sense of self in order to remain in a balanced dynamic with the extreme personalities you are drawn toward.

Pluto Conjunct Venus Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Venus, you will feel potent passions and desires erupting from within as you release old relational patterns ready to be shed. You will be drawn toward greater intensity within your relationships. You will desire greater depth and more intimate merging. The volatilizing, volcanic feelings breaking through to your awareness may feel disorienting at first, and they may provoke fear if you feel compelled to make dramatic changes within elements of your life that have previously been a source of stability and security. You may become attracted to powerful people who are considerably different than previous attractions and awaken vitality within you. There is an extreme potential of compulsive desire arising during this time that could lead to jealousy and manipulative behavior if you are not careful. Ultimately, the lessons you learn during this transit can lead you to cultivate greater personal empowerment. You will learn to use direct honesty within your relationships.

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