Pluto Square Mercury

Pluto Square Mercury Natal

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with Mercury, you have focused mental power that can become captivated by specific systems of knowledge you seek to learn about as deeply as possible. You want to probe into the underlying structures of whatever you are interested in, but you will have to navigate feelings of frustration when you run up against limitations or barriers in understanding. Your powerful drive for discovering pathways and connections between diverse fields of interest can help you synthesize tremendous understanding. This can also exhaust your mind in the process. In particular, you will be drawn to probe into the boundaries of societal taboos in order to discover whatever information lies hidden beyond them.  At times you may face intense conflicts or confrontations with others concerning your perception that could make you feel like others are trying to silence you. In this case, you will undergo a regenerative process of reawakening and reclaiming the power of your voice.

Pluto Square Mercury Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal Mercury, you will feel pulled into an intense internal confrontation with your previous beliefs and perceptions. This will be a cathartic time period in which you will experience a purging of the way you have been interpreting and sharing meaning in your life. There are many ways this process can be initiated, such as through a dramatic argument with a friend or through feeling criticized by an authority figure. However it occurs, ultimately you will gain realization of perceptual patterns that have been circulating in your unconscious. These patterns are responsible for driving the way you have been receiving and reacting to information. You may switch interests, such as moving from being fascinated with the scientific toward being drawn toward the spiritual. It’s also likely for you to become obsessed with learning as much about whatever system of knowledge you become drawn toward. You’ll be willing to go to extreme lengths to increase your learning.

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