Pluto Conjunct Neptune

Pluto Conjunct Neptune Natal

Pluto and Neptune have a cycle that lasts around 500 years, corresponding with immense epochal shifts in collective thought and evolution. For example, there was a Pluto and Neptune conjunction at the turn of the 15th century, as the Italian Renaissance art movement emerged. The last time Pluto and Neptune formed a conjunction was in the 1890s, leading to the turn of the 20th century and major shifts and innovative revolutions in literature and the arts. This period also marked the development of depth psychology and the concept of the unconscious. There will not be another conjunction between Pluto and Neptune until the 2380s. If you are born with a conjunction between Pluto and Neptune, you have been born into a generation that carries an important new seed to plant in the greater collective. That seed will produce major innovations and evolution in cultural thought and beliefs.

Pluto Conjunct Neptune Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Neptune, you will experience an intensification of inner shedding and regeneration that will lead to a transformation of your imagination, ideals, and beliefs. You may become deeply immersed in learning about a spiritual or metaphysical system. You may instead become obsessed with exploring your creativity and developing new ways to express yourself artistically or imaginatively. It is possible you could experience profound disillusionment regarding a belief system you had previously identified with. If this is the case, then most likely you will simultaneously become drawn toward a different belief system that resonates more closely with your experiences. This is a powerful transit that not only impacts you on a personal level, but everyone within your generation, making it likely that you will be impacted strongly by changing tides sweeping across global culture. As part of this, you may become involved in an idealistic movement working to make the collective change you believe in. Ultimately, this transit will help you purge whatever has been getting in the way of not only imagining the life you want to create for yourself but also initiating steps to make it happen.

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