Pluto Trine Saturn

Pluto Trine Saturn Natal

Being born with Pluto in a trine aspect with Saturn, you have an ambitious drive for achievement, as well as a gift for finding resonant roles within society to express your skills and talents through. You are resilient in the face of obstacles and limitations, biding your time if necessary. You always continue to look for openings to seize for progress and forward movement. Your attention may also become drawn toward elements of societal structures that are decaying, breaking down, and in need of reform. You have a gift for helping to organize and facilitate regeneration within organizations and power structures in order to make them more effective. Due to your effectiveness in working within systems and executing plans, you need to be careful of assuming you always know the best way forward. Avoid ignoring the opinions of others. You will be even more successful by listening to the opinions of others and being willing to critically reflect upon your own ideas.

Pluto Trine Saturn Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a trine aspect with Saturn, you have entered a restorative time period in which you can consolidate growth and regenerate strength following a previous time period of disruption or breakdown. During this transit you will feel supported in pushing forward with new plans for growth and development, reaching out and making connections with needed resources in your surrounding community. It can be a powerful time to enroll in a course of study, training, or anything through which you can gain new skills to implement in pursuit of your goals. In particular, you may be drawn toward learning from a traditional lineage through research and study. Try finding an experienced mentor who can directly transmit to you what they have learned from an ancestral lineage of knowledge. While you are interested in future plans and fostering forward progress, at the same time you will find value in what you can learn from elders and older, established systems of knowledge.

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