Pluto Square Mars

Pluto Square Mars Natal

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with Mars, you have a burning desire for achievement, yet your potent ambition can lead to frustrating disappointment when you do not manifest results that meet your high aspirations. You can be tenacious and resilient in your pursuit of knowledge or resources you need to achieve your goals. You are willing to persist through obstacles and difficult experiences. Your strong drive can also involve extreme competitiveness that can lead to envy or becoming enmeshed within power dynamics with others. The key is to channel your powerful determination into your own work without comparing yourself to others, as well as accepting that your current stage of development does not match your ultimate ambition. Your pioneering, persevering spirit is a great gift to share with others, as you can be an incredibly empowering presence within your relationships. By patiently building toward your desired goal, you will eventually arrive with seasoned experience and knowledge to draw strength from.

Pluto Square Mars Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal Mars, remember that despite whatever difficult experiences you are having to struggle through, the ultimate manifestation of this transit is a complete metamorphosis of your capacity to pursue and achieve your deepest desires. At times you will feel like you are becoming dragged down into the fires of the underworld, yet the intense heat of challenges will simultaneously ignite your will force. You will have to face tests of your ability to claim your personal power and assert your needs and desires within your environment. If you have been involved in relationships or circumstances that have been constraining your ability to express your desires, you will become increasingly angry. In some cases, you may feel compelled to end a significant relationship, while in other cases a new relationship will enter your life that catalyzes your desire to bring about a transformation of your situation. You may have more support in asserting your drive and ambition.

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