Pluto opposite Sun

Pluto Opposite Sun Natal

Being born with Pluto in opposition with the sun creates tension between your deeply felt inner purpose with the external relationships you form to help you with its actualization. You are ambitious, but will need to learn balance in pursuing personal growth. Your experiences will make you keenly aware of power dynamics within your surrounding society. At key points in your life, you will be pulled within to explore hidden aspects of yourself that will dredge up subconscious desires and fears. It will be necessary for you to confront and integrate. You will be drawn to form intense relationships with others who represent aspects of your core purpose, and through shared intimacy or penetrating dialogue, you will expose essential aspects of your inner desire. You’ll also experience greater growth through osmosis. As you cultivate your capacity for self-realization and understanding your internal motivations, you will also gain an increased capacity for being a source of empowerment to others in your relationships.

Pluto Opposite Sun Transit

When transiting Pluto forms an opposition with your natal sun you will be pulled into polarizing and regenerative experiences that will expose the instinctive and unconscious desires underlying your worldly aspirations. This transit will spark a potent evolution in which you will have to confront and then release inner compulsions through cathartic experiences. Relationships will be a source of tension, as well as fertilization, as you will encounter intense interactions with partners who represent aspects of your purpose and consume your attention until you have extracted an essential lesson. You may have to confront powerful authority figures who initially make you feel disempowered, but ultimately will compel you to resiliently persist in pursuing your core purpose. At times you will feel like your willpower is being stripped from you. However, by embracing change and transformation, you will experience a purification of your inner light that will enable you to more fully realize your authentic path and how to implement your aspirations into society.

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