Pluto Sextile Neptune

Pluto Sextile Neptune Natal

Due to the unusual cycle between Pluto and Neptune, they remain in a waxing sextile aspect for an extraordinarily long time. As a result, people born from the 1940s into the 2030s will have Pluto and Neptune in the range of a sextile aspect in their natal chart. Due to the immense, epochal shifts in cultural evolution that occur when Pluto and Neptune form a conjunction every 500 years, it is as if the numerous generations of individuals born with Pluto in a sextile aspect with Neptune are needed to help global societies adjust to the changes that are to come. These changes are in correspondence with the cycle between Pluto and Neptune. Those born with Pluto in a sextile aspect with Neptune have a gift for not only imagining a vision of the life they would like to experience, but also generating the desire and willpower to initiate action that will lead to a manifestation of their long-term vision. Yet this powerful visualizing and manifesting capacity can also lead to self-fulfilling cycles within the collective culture. Certain ideas become infectious like viruses, influencing and manipulating the behavior of many. For example, it is interesting that mass media and advertising developed amongst the current generations born with this aspect.

Pluto Sextile Neptune Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a sextile aspect with your natal Neptune, you will become increasingly drawn toward exploring spirituality, metaphysics, the imaginal and otherworldly, or your own creativity and artistic process. During this transit, you will become less driven by materialistic concerns and trying to conform with societal definitions of success. You will feel more interested in penetrating into understanding deeper questions regarding spiritual dimensions of the material world. It’s likely you will become fascinated by immersing yourself into the study of something that activates your creativity, imagination, and sense of spirituality. Art, mythology, or philosophy may become of interest. You may also become devoted toward practicing a particular religion or spiritual lineage. Or perhaps you feel called to embark on a personally meaningful pilgrimage that transforms your beliefs and faith. This can also be a powerful time to heal inner complexes and unconscious patterns that have been impacting you over the course of your life. Find forgiveness, acceptance, and new ways to relate to your life story.

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