Pluto Conjunct Mars

Pluto Conjunct Mars Natal

Being born with Pluto in conjunction with Mars, you have lifelong lessons to learn concerning how to channel your drive, ambition, and power. At times you will need to go through initiation experiences involving a forging of your will force that will feel like you are having to persevere through the fires of the underworld. You can be obsessive regarding your goals, and you can become full of rage when facing a limitation. As a result, at times you will enter into power dynamics with others in which you will be made aware of how you can overpower others or instead become overpowered by others. Though you may have to go through periods of destruction, the tests and obstacles you face and overcome will purify your drive. This will incite you to create vital new growth. Ultimately, you are learning how to be at peace with your own power and learning how to wield your personal power properly. You can discover how to find appropriate pathways for your ambition to be in service to a higher cause, such as cultivating transformational healing for others.

Pluto Conjunct Mars Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Mars, you will feel a kindling of fiery desire from within that will lead you to shed dead skin and initiate vital change. You will feel like confronting whatever limitations from yourself or from others have been restraining your creative actualization. While you may erupt with anger when confronting obstacles, it will be important to learn how to persevere through the challenges of this time. Try to ensure that it does not cause destruction within your relationships. The key is to trust your instinctual urges to bring about a metamorphosis of your previous circumstances, but not to become frustrated when you are not able to change things as rapidly as you had hoped. You may become fearful of releasing old attachments and letting go of aspects of your life that had been bringing you security, but resisting the desires you feel within will lead to increased aggravation and conflict within your relationships. In order to feel fulfilled you will need to find ways to align your emerging desires with your core purpose.

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