Pluto Sextile Venus

Pluto Sextile Venus Natal

Being born with Venus in a sextile aspect with Pluto, you are drawn toward the depth of things, fascinated by underlying feelings in others as well as yourself. You are not interested in superficial friendships, preferring relationships in which you can share openly about whatever holds your interest. You are intrigued by the taboo, and you value being able to explore things in your relationships that go beyond restrictions of societal boundaries and norms. You enjoy penetrating to the core of subjects and material you can utilize in your creativity, and you are inspired by artists, musicians, and writers who have an intense commitment to their artistic process. Within romantic relationships, you want partners you feel strongly passionate about. You will often be attracted to powerful people who possess qualities you admire and wish to cultivate within yourself. When you can merge with others through relational experiences, you are able to absorb new qualities that transform your presence and awareness beyond previous boundaries.

Pluto Sextile Venus Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a sextile aspect with your natal Venus, you will realize aspects of your old values that are ready to be released. You will gain a regenerated sense of new values emerging for you to embody. As you deepen into the underlying feelings at the root of your changing values, you will feel internal guidance toward initiating changes within your relationships and circumstances in accordance. If you feel compelled to make significant changes in aspects of your life that have brought you comfort and stability, you will need to overcome the fear of entering unknown territory. However, if you resist and deny the desires emerging from within, they will nonetheless continue to build. This could then eventually explosively erupt in a disruptive manner. As a result, the best strategy during this time is to find ways to bridge and integrate your emerging desires and new sense of values into the structures of your reality. This can also be a time of intensification with your creativity, as you will be able to transmit depths of soul into whatever art or creative process you are working on.

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