Pluto Sextile Jupiter

Pluto Sextile Jupiter Natal

Being born with Pluto in a sextile aspect to Jupiter, you have a reoccurring longing for expansion and growth that continually leads you to seek opportunities. This will enable you to progress or ascend beyond any elements of your life that begin to feel constraining. You are receptive to new influences that open your awareness and increase your capacity to feel enthusiastic about the vision of life you create meaning from. Even if they are from sources considered to be taboo within the culture you are living in. You are not looking for superficial growth, but instead, desire deepening into regenerative processes that upturn old structures of your life while clearing space for new forms of abundance. You learn new knowledge best from fully immersing yourself into intense experiences that force you to penetrate to the core of whatever subject you are grappling with. You may be drawn to learn from an experienced and powerful mentor or teacher. You have the ability to intuitively absorb knowledge from personal contact.

Pluto Sextile Jupiter Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a sextile aspect with your natal Jupiter, you will be initiated into an expansive period of growth and new aspirations that simultaneously involve a cathartic release of old beliefs that are no longer aligned with your vision for life. During this time, you may become drawn toward traveling to a foreign country in order to be exposed to new cultural beliefs and perspectives, or instead journeying on a pilgrimage that can expand your spiritual or philosophical awareness. If you instead do not leave the confines of your current culture, you will seek out new sources of spiritual or philosophical understanding. This will deepen your capacity for progress. You will be best served during this time by remaining open to new perspectives and influences. Allow yourself to intuitively reshape and regenerate your worldview. There is an enlargement of vision and breadth of experience that wants to flow through your life during this time, and so you will also need to make space for it by purging whatever old viewpoints you have outgrown.

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