Pluto Square Venus

Pluto Square Venus Natal

Being born with Venus in a square aspect with Pluto, you have a strong drive to fulfill your deepest desires with a willingness to persist through periods of death and rebirth along your journey. You are faced with the challenge of coming to understand the depth of who you are at a soul level. As part of this process, you may need to go through periods of loss and renewal in your relationships. The difficult feelings you experience in challenging relationships will ultimately lead you to discover a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance. While it may feel like you have lost your self-worth, or it has been taken from you at times in a relationship, you will in fact always have an opportunity to recover and regenerate. Your self-will become stronger through the process. The more you are able to cultivate your self-worth and meet your own needs, the more you will be able to guard against becoming consumed by a relationship. Learning to let go of the habit of compulsively needing another person to fulfill your needs is a soul lesson.

Pluto Square Venus Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal Venus, you will enter a regenerative time period in which you will encounter deep changes within your values—whatever you consider worthwhile to embody within your relationships. Ultimately, by the end of this transit, you will be able to cultivate increased vitality and empowerment within your relationships. However, at times during this transit, you will feel like you are being pulled down into an underworld experience of dark emotions and difficult relational experiences. While this transit can feel like a dark night of the soul at times, you will also experience a kindling of potent passions from within that can help drive you toward significant growth. You will likely experience dramatic changes in your relationships during this time. The relationships that no longer resonate with your changing values fade away. You will be drawn toward deeper connections within the relationships that align with your emerging desires, and you may become fascinated by people who represent the qualities you are being drawn toward developing within yourself.

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