Pluto opposite Mercury

Pluto Opposite Mercury Natal

Being born with Pluto in an opposition with Mercury, you have a penchant for delving into hidden matters, secret things, and the taboo. You have a strong mental focus on penetrating underneath the surface of conventions, probing beyond societal boundaries in order to understand the essence and core meaning of whatever you are interested in. You will become frustrated when you encounter barriers or limitations to going deeper in your learning and understanding. You will need to develop coping strategies for making adjustments when you face an obstacle. You will need to learn how to handle criticism from those who do not agree with your perspective. It will be important for you to integrate constructive elements of feedback while deflecting unhelpful judgment. It will be important for you to develop inner security in your ability to discern meaning. Resist the temptation to feel compelled to gain the approval of others. It will also be imperative for you to learn how to communicate your powerful ideas into language that can be more easily accessed and understood by others.

Pluto Opposite Mercury Transit

When transiting Pluto forms an opposition with your natal Mercury, you will feel a cathartic purging of your old intellectual framework for organizing reality. This will open up the possibility of a regenerated perspective and new fields of interest. It may feel at first like you are peeling off the dead skin of the perceptions and ways of interpreting meaning you have been attached to in recent years. As this process unfolds, you may feel vulnerable and insecure as you release attachment to the perspectives that have brought you security as part of your identity. However, at the same time, you will begin to experience a deepening into a vital new way of understanding. This will feel more authentic with your emerging desires. You may encounter difficulties or disputes with others that accelerate the process, as you receive information showing you that your old way of understanding things no longer is effective for you. Be alert for mentors and friends who are aligned with your newfound understanding and who can offer you support and guidance.

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