Pluto Square Ascendant

Pluto Square Ascendant Natal

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with your ascendant, you are drawn toward powerful people and cultivating greater personal power for yourself. As a result, there can be great tension in your life in terms of your career versus your home, family, and inner life. It will be important for you to develop greater emotional security for yourself so that you do not feel compelled to find security through your external achievements or emotional attachments. You may otherwise feel like you need to try to control outcomes through manipulative behavior. It will be important to become involved in some sort of therapeutic practice that enables you to mediate on unconscious impulses. These can overwhelm you at times. Your determination and perseverance will enable you to be a pioneer in new areas of exploration, as well as persist through regenerative periods in which significant elements of your life must be released. Simultaneously vital new desires emerge for you to pursue and develop.

Pluto Square Ascendant Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal ascendant, you will experience catalytic changes as old aspects of your life are torn down, clearing ground for vital new growth and evolution. In particular, you may experience difficulties within your relationships, in some cases having to come to terms with the ending of relationships that you have outgrown or that you desperately want to hold on to. It’s also likely you will have to face issues between pursuing greater ambition within your career versus being able to spend enough time at home to meet the needs of your intimate relationships. You will be drawn into power and control dynamics within your relationship. You may begin to realize how you have been giving your power away as well as how you have been manipulating things to gain an advantage. Ultimately, as you shed and let go of structures in your life that had previously given you a sense of security, you will embrace new desires, become more self-reliant, and find strength in the excitement of embracing greater authenticity.

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