Pluto opposite Mars

Pluto Opposite Mars Natal

Being born with Pluto in an opposition with Mars, it can feel like your powerful drive and ambition are being constantly challenged and tested by others. You can become furious when facing limitations, and you may feel like attempting to manipulate others to get your way. It will be necessary for you to learn patience and acceptance for challenging circumstances you cannot control. Sometimes you will have to retreat and wait for a more fortunate and supportive situation before you can fully achieve your aspirations. Though it will feel like powerful people are opposing your efforts at times, the adversity you overcome will make you stronger. It will also make you more aware of the negative impact of power dynamics within relationships. As a result, as you grow and develop your capacity for persevering through barriers and restrictions, you can learn how to wield your personal power. You can do so in an appropriate way that is able to have an empowering effect on others.

Pluto Opposite Mars Transit

When transiting Pluto forms an opposition with your natal Mars, you will face tests and challenges regarding your ambitions and whether or not you are willing to persevere through difficulties in order to achieve your aspirations. You will feel pulled into periods of destruction and recreation during this transit. Though it will feel like your will is being melted by underworld fires at times, ultimately you will experience a purification and honing of your deepest desires. During this time, you will have to let go of inessential aspects of your life and sources of comfort you had been attached to in the past for security. Through the shedding you experience, you will become more deeply connected with what is most essential to your purpose. As part of this regenerative process, you will also experience a metamorphosis of your relationships. You will become aware of any relationships that are not supportive of your authentic expression, leading you to separate or lessen your involvement with them.

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