Pluto opposite Jupiter

Pluto Opposite Jupiter Natal

Being born with Pluto in an opposition with Jupiter, you have ambitious aspirations for inner knowing that will lead you to confront the dogmatic doctrines of dominant religious, philosophical, and societal belief systems. Your desire for knowledge and understanding will repeatedly cause you to penetrate beyond the boundaries and limitations of consensus thought. This might make you interested in learning from outsider figures who have focused on self-realization more so than social conformity. As a result, you will likely come into conflict at times with authority figures, as well as peers who you feel promote limiting, disempowering, or misleading beliefs. You will likely experience a total metamorphosis of the vision of life you create meaning from. You will undergo disillusioning experiences and retrieve new forms of knowledge through regenerative periods that strip away old beliefs that no longer resonate with your personal truth. You will become fascinated, even obsessed, with philosophical and spiritual systems that make life deeply meaningful for you, and you will seek to learn from mentors connected with the lineages of thought you are interested in.

Pluto Opposite Jupiter Transit

When transiting Pluto forms an opposition with your natal Jupiter, powerful cathartic experiences will stir you to confront and question the belief system and vision of the life you have been deriving meaning and security from. If you have been strongly attached and identified with a particular philosophical or spiritual system, you may strongly resist external as well as internal promptings to shed old beliefs. This will bring about an open awareness of new perspectives. In some cases, it may be necessary to become involved in a heated conflict or difficult, disillusioning experiences that force you to realize you had been holding on to a dogmatic viewpoint that no longer resonates with your personal truth. In contrast, the other way this transit can manifest is through increasing your immersion into a philosophical or spiritual lineage of thought that you had already been interested in. In this case, you will become intensely drawn to expanding your knowledge and deepening your understanding. You may also become fascinated by powerful mentor figures who have significant experience you can learn from.

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