Pluto Conjunct Moon

Pluto Conjunct Moon Natal

Being born with the moon forming a conjunction with Pluto, your intense emotional nature penetrates into the inner motivation of not only yourself, but also those you form relationships with. You can have an incredible determination and focus in pursuit of your goals, with an ability to influence key people and resources to support you when needed. Be careful of not becoming overly manipulative of others, however, as it can eventually backfire by the other person rebelling against your attempts to secure a relationship with them. In addition, it will be important to find ways to cope with your emotions when your expectations are not met. When things do not go your way, you can become so upset that it harms your relationships. Your gift, as well as your challenge, is your potent access to subconscious material, as you can project unconscious expectations into your relationships that lead to anger when they are not met. As you increase your self-awareness and inner security, your strong emotions will make you an empowered personality who inspires others.

Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal moon, you will be pulled into deeply cathartic emotional experiences that bring unconscious issues and patterns into your surface awareness. Rather than resisting or denying the difficult feelings that arise, allow yourself to face and express your emotions so you do not become consumed and overwhelmed. It may be helpful to enter therapy or some other healing modality, as well as transfigure the intensity of your feelings through some form of art, writing, or creativity. There is potential over the course of this transit to experience a purging of old, stuck issues, but you will also need to be careful to not become consumed by issues around power and control within your relationships. You will likely feel vulnerable, raw, and insecure during this transit. Do your best to not react to events in a manipulative way that will cause damage within your relationships. You will need to have honest, heart-to-heart conversations within your relationships. The relationships that are not able to meet this need of yours may breakdown or fade away. Your relationship with your mother or maternal figures will also likely intensify during this time, bringing up issues around the way you have been nurtured. The way you nurture yourself and others will also be a topic.

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